I have a number of personal slaves who handle duties around my home. Servants who clean and cook… sex slaves who I abuse and use… and favored pets that are never far from my side… but I also have body slaves who I allow to aid me as I dress and wash.

A proper lady of true class and distinction, always has a personal attendant who sees to his/her owner’s most private needs. These are only the most loyal and devoted of servants, slaves who have proven their worth and earned such confidence, being rewarded with inclusion in the most intimate circle of their Mistress. Historically, this was a place of distinction, regardless of if the servant were slave or free.

Could you be such a pet to me? A slave who I would task with helping me prepare for the evening, and would see to the proper care of my wardrobe? Obviously such a servant would have to be allowed to touch my body, for how else would he help me dress. He would also see me naked… something most men could not handle, not without them losing focus on their duties as their desire consumed them to the point of distraction. Usually I have a female slave who performs in this role… but is it possible that a male might be suited to this?

I want you to imagine that… being with me in my home, and being so privileged as to be allowed in my most private rooms. I’m going out to a fetish club tonight, so I have to dress appropriately – very hot and sexy, in a way that reflects both my beauty and power. What clothes would you suggest… and how would you present them to me? Do you think I’m in the mood for leather and boots… latex and platform high heels… a short, tight dress with stockings and stilettos? I look good in everything I wear, and my wardrobe is extensive… so we’re going to have to try on quite a few things before I decide what will be lucky enough to grace my body this evening. I know you already have something in mind, so go get it… I’m not going to just stand here wearing nothing but panties while you fumble around.

As you imagine this… I want you to masturbate, but you are not to cum. Masturbate any way you want, but you’re not to have an orgasm. You’re to keep your focus on me and seeing that you properly serve me. Since I have so many outfits to choose from, and you have so many interesting ideas for what I should wear, it’s going to take me quite some time to try on even just the best of these choices, and longer to model them in front of the mirrors so I can decide what fits my mood. You are to masturbate to this fantasy for no less than 30 mins. At the end of this time, click the link below to see what I think of your service to me –

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