I know you’ve been sitting behind your desk, watching all your pretty co-workers walk by, checking out their legs and their asses, haven’t you? You lust after them all day, periodically rubbing your cock and balls behind that big desk.

Well, now it’s time to do something about it other than stare at them with your piggy eyes. No, dumbass, you’re not going to hit on one of them or ask them out! Hahaha! We’re going to tease that cock; you know, the one your so fond of fondling underneath that huge, phallic desk of yours. Today you’re taking a special lunch break, so be prepared.

I want you to plan your lunch break carefully today. Pack a special “take away” of lube or lotion, put it in your brown bag, and carry it through the office with you as you head out to lunch. Announce to the office that you’re taking your break, and instead of leaving the office, walk into to the bathroom. If it’s a co-ed bathroom that’s even better.

Pick the stall closest to the door, go in, leave it unlocked, take out your “lunch”, drop your pants, and lube up your cock and balls. I want you to close the lid on the toilet and squat up there where no one can see your legs under the door. Are you nervous? Good!

Now take your balls and begin to stroke them very lightly, just letting your cock hang there untouched. Put four fingers underneath your sack and your thumb on top, and stroke down until your ball sack bulges at the bottom. Does that feel good? I know it does; I hear your moans. Now take your cock in your other hand.

Start from the bottom of your shaft, work your way up in slow, rhythmic half-circles, moving all the way up to your head. Really start to work on that cock-helmet, letting your thumb slide over it in small, soft circles. Use the pad of your fingers, letting the soft skin slide over that silky head. What’s that? You’re afraid someone might hear you moaning or open the stall door and catch you? That’s the point, MASTERbator. Hahaha!

Now make a tight fist around your shaft (keep working those balls) and give me ten slow strokes, then five fast strokes.. Do NOT cum! I want ten more slow strokes, then five fast.

When you stroke up, push your cock away from you and pull your balls down. Let yourself really get into, let those moans come out of those parted lips, throw that head back and stroke furiously, thinking about all those shoes, high-heels, short skirts, and stocking-clad legs that make you hard all day. I want you to do more than stroke; I want you to fuck your hand like it’s a tight pussy! Do it harder!

If you hear anyone come in (and you will – it is lunch after all), do not stop! Pound your clenched fist down over your cock rod, thrusting your hips up into your hand. Harder! I want you to be loud!  Now that you feel yourself coming to the edge, click my button to hear the rest of my assignment, and to see if you get to finish your lunch..

For cockteasing sessions with Empress Samantha call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum