Hello little wanker, aren’t you lucky, you now get your first guided instruction from Empress Cassidy.

I’ve got a lot of boys waiting to stroke for me, so you’ll have to learn to be the best and do just what I like.  I know you want to make me happy, because I know you want me to let you make that cock you love so much come.

That’s what you want right? You want to get off while your Empress watches. Well then, listen up.

First of all, take off all your clothes. I will remain dressed, as I’m not the one with the hunk of meat hanging between my legs.

When you are completely naked, I want you to sit down on the edge of your bed and take that thing in your hand. I love to watch a man jack-off, if he knows how to do it right.

Start off by squirting some lube onto your hands, lube, not lotion, if you aren’t prepared go get it and then come back and start all over.

If you were a good boy and had your lube ready then you should have it all over that cock by now. Don’t get too excited, I like to start out slowly. Long strokes, none of that short quick crap you like to do. I want to see your hand moving up and down the length of your cock. Stroke it. Long slow strokes, really feel every inch of that cock from balls to head.

Squeeze a little, not too tight, just enough to feel that big vein throbbing.

Now, start moving your hand a little faster. Just one hand! I want to see what you’re doing, not watch you two fist a hunk of meat. And I said a little faster, not wank like crazy. Smooth strokes, have some restraint or I’ll have to restrain you.

Good things come to those who wait. So take it easy. Now, get a nice rhythm going. A little faster, all the way up to the head. Now rub your thumb over the tip, feel that pre-cum?  Yes you do.

And you want more, so do it more. Long fast strokes, lean back a little, make it stand at attention and stroke it. You feel that sensation you’re aching for building, getting closer and closer. I’m right there watching you do all of it. I see your head swelling, about to squirt.

Now, stop.

Yes, stop. Take your hand off it. What? I didn’t promise I’d let you come. I just said I knew you wanted to and that I liked to watch you stroke.

Be a good little wanker now and maybe we can play again.

Guided Masturbation sessions with Ms Cassidy 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Must be 18+