Well hello there little stroker boy, are you ready for playtime? Let’s just see how good you are at following instructions…First take off those clothes, they will only get in the way…mmm perfect, now for some fun.

I want you to start by lightly stroking just your finger tips from the tip of that cock all the way down to your balls.  Make those stroke long and slow, just barely brushing the skin. Next take your fingers and wrap them around the base of that cock…nice and tight now. Give me a nice slow stroke from bottom to top and down again.  Now stroker I want 10 more strokes just like that…very nice, I do so love watching you stroke for me.

This time when you stroke up I want you to twist your wrist, like you want to milk the cum right out of your balls for me…slowly stroking all the way to the tip and back down.  Don’t speed up, I’m not ready to let you get too fast yet *giggles*  I want 15 of those wrist twisting strokes,  do it for me stroker…you want to impress me right?

Now take your index finger and your thumb…make a nice little ring by touching those fingers together.  Now slip that ring down right underneath the head of that cock where it meets the shaft.  Good boy, now squeeze it tight…now it’s time for some quick, hard strokes…just move those fingers up and down…pushing up and down. Give me 1 minute of those quick hard little thrusts.

Ok little stroker…you have done so well, are you ready for more? Wrap those fingers tightly around the shaft, with the palm of your hand flat against that cock. Now squeeze tightly…time to show me your best stroke.  Start slowly and build that rhythm up.  Pump that hand up and down, til you think you can’t stand it anymore, then squeeze your hand nice and tight again…

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