Okay stoke warrior! Get ready for some orgasm readiness drills! Get nude, get your lube, and assume the position. First we are going to start off with some muscle development exercises. Put your hands on top of your head. Squeeze those groin muscles so you can see your little soldier move without using your hands. That’s right, FLEX! One, two, three rest. One, two, three rest. Five  sets . . . NOW!
You have had adequate warm up so it’s time to get down and dirty. On your back! Move it! Get into the stroker position; your fist around the base of your cock. Remember to use a firm grip. To the cadence of “left right left” start stroking with: Up, (release and start from the bottom and move up), Up, Up, Up down, Up. . . That’s right troops . . . stroke to the cadence.
For improved dexterity, we are going to incorporate scrotal elongation. Take the thumb and forefinger of your other hand and make a ring around the base of your nuts. Stretch them and you stroke. When you feel a little bit of discomfort, you know you are in the right position. Keep stroking! Up, Up, Up, Up down, Up!
Repeat the cadence drill five times and take a 10 second break. Repeat the WHOLE sequence 10 times. On the eleventh rep, if you do not come . . . then you have to wait to tomorrow’s drill because you clearly need more training.

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