It’s sooo hot outside boys, what’s a girl to do but hang out poolside all day in her ever so revealing Victoria’s Secret bikini. My friends and I, you know the girls you’ve sectioned off into the “I’d give my left nut to fuck her” circuit in your brain? Well, we’ve been talking about how fun it would be to go to the public pool and drive all the men there crazy. So in honor of our cocktease adventure, I’ve a very special assignment for you.

You’ll be going to the pool too, preferably one that’s adult oriented. I want you to wear a small pair of briefs (what can I say, I’m a humiliatrix at heart). Lie back, get comfortable and girl watch. Face it, if women are wearing small bikinis poolside, they want to be noticed. In those small trunks, I’m thinking there’s no way you could ever even begin to hide your interest. Of course, none of them will come within a foot of a pervert like you. So once again, you are left high and dry. If possible, when driving home, wear nothing but your swimming trunks.

You may masturbate while you drive home, but don’t think it means you’ll be spooging… this is a cocktease, after all. When you get home, click my audio to learn if you’ve been teased and relieved… or teased and denied….

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Must be 18+