You’ve been needing some release haven’t you? I bet you’re all worked up just looking at my pictures, reading about the men I make do whatever I want. The ones I torture, tease, and humiliate. Do you think I’ll let you cum? Maybe… if you are a good enough slave for me tonight. I might let you cum, I might not. *Laughs* You just never know!

Now, what I want you to do is very simple. Close your eyes, let me take you to that deep, dark secret you’ve been hiding. I know your cock is starting to stir with excitement. You got the image in your mind of me standing over you, taunting you, pushing your head down to my feet to worship me from the ground.. because that is where a slave like you should be. On his knees, worshipping a Goddess like me. Imagine me gliding my stiletto up the inside of your thigh, almost touching your balls. You can feel the warmth of it, I’m so close to touching you, but I’m not… not just yet. I’m going to lean down, my hands reaching into your hair, tugging and pulling your head back so you are looking straight into my eyes. I want to hear you beg. I want to see the need in your eyes as my foot glides over your cock. I can feel it twitching against me. I bet you would love to cum all over my feet if I’d let you. Do you think I will?
Listen to the clip and see.

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(Must be 18+)