Another pathetic little stroker? I thought we had gotten rid of all of those little turds…oh well…today I have a fun assignment for you stroker. You will get some lube that you can fit into your pants pocket. Think about all of the errands that you need to run and all of the places you need to go today. You will do those; every one of them, while still performing my assignment, stroker.

Start now, pull that pathetic stroke stick out and get it all lubed up. You will stroke hard and fast until you edge. Stop. Put it away. Put the lube in your pocket. I don’t care if people can see what it is, you should have gotten a small enough one. Now, every place you go to today; you will go into the bathroom, pull out that lube and stroke the edge. The entire time you will say “Thank You Sergeant Bailey”, until you get to the edge. You will then put your gooey meat back into your pants until your next stop.

Once you return home you can listen to what I have to say. Oh, did I mention, you must go to at least 5 different places and edge for me!

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