If you’re reading this, you’d better already be naked. If you’re not, then stop and take all of your clothes off before you read another word.

Once your completely naked, you can sit back down and start reading again.

Now that there is nothing to get between your hands and my cock… I’m going to let you touch it a little since you were a good boy and took your clothes off quickly just like I told you to.

Go ahead… hold that cock in one hand and start stroking it lightly… wrap your fingers around it, but not too tight yet, and let it settle back into your palm… make sure the base of your hand goes all the way down to your balls with each stroke.

That feels good, doesn’t it? You like it when I let you play with my cock. Keep doing as you’re told and I’ll let you play more.

Take a good look at my picture. See that devious smile in my eyes… don’t you wish I was really there with you… sitting right across from you dressed just like I am in that shot. White thigh high stockings… a black leather g-string… tiny black top… my hair pulled back, nails nicely done… and that chain I’d have wrapped around you.

Keep stroking… but go a little faster for me now… I like it when guys look at me, and I want to see you stroking long and hard in appreciation of the view ~grinz~.

I have a beautiful body… I can say that because it’s so obviously true. Look at how tight my stomach is… how my back curves so perfectly into my ass… a beautiful dancer’s body… it’s just too bad you can’t see my legs in that picture. I’m 5′ 10″ tall and my legs are very long and firm. I love to tease with them, and I would certainly show them off to you… but I’m sure there is already plenty more in that picture than you can handle.

Now start really stroking it hard… grip my cock tight and start stroking it faster… long, hard strokes that feel like a woman’s tight pussy bouncing up and down on you… driving herself to orgasm as she impales herself.

I love to show off my body, being nude in front of other people doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m sure you’ve guessed that already since as you can see, I don’t have any tan lines. But my love of exhibitionism goes far beyond nude sunbathing. I like to use my slaves as other people watch… I like to use them very thoroughly, and very deeply… and the more shocked and surprised those who see it are, the better.

Keep going now, as hard as you can… I love it like that… slow is fine to start, but when things really get going, its always best when it’s hard pounding, deep and fast.

Tell me when you feel like you are going to cum… and click the link below to hear my response –

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