Your teasing temptress Mistress Ashley is here to drive you and that cock to the outer limits of sanity (or insanity.) We’ll just see which one fits you best after I get through with you. This session is going to be a “hands free” session which means stroking is not on the menu. Today we are going to be using anything fun from your kitchen to get you hot and hard. Puzzled? Well good. I am going to have you hunt down some fun food products that we are going to put to good use today. First on the menu is watermellon. This works best when not refrigerated but a cold one will work if you dont mind freezing your dick a bit. Now cut a hole into the watermellon wide and deep enough to accomadate your cock. You may set it up on the table and stand or put it on the floor and straddle it. Ready, set, push! Now you hump that for the next five minutes like a wildman. If a watermellon is not available go into your cupboard and get a jar of mayonaise. Once again warm is best and it must be unopened. Set it on a chair and straddle it sliding your dick into that creamy texture. Now pound that jar until you have worked up a good sweat or your first edge! Take a break for a moment and then get back to it. One you have reached the edge five times click below to hear my message to you.

Happy Humping!

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