Time to pull out those cocks boys and let’s have some fun! It’s going to be a marathon so get ready for those balls to get heavy and ache! I want you to begin this assignment in the morning when you first wake up. Caress your cock, don’t stroke, rub it nice and slow from the shaft up to the head. When you get up to the head, then work your way back down. Now grab your cock and stroke it for 5 minutes. No cumming, stop if you must, but I want you to practice control.
You will not stroke again until you have been up for two hours. I don’t care where you are at, if you are at work, at home, or out with friends you can always go to the bathroom and work that cock. You will stroke for 10 minutes without stopping, only stopping if you absolutely must. Every two hours I want you stroking for another ten minutes until you have stroked for a total of 6 times. After you have stroked that cock for a total of 6 sets then you can click below to find out if you get release! ~wicked grin~
Happy Stroking!

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