Do you know what CFNM stands for? Clothed Female, Naked Male… and tonight’s guided masturbation assignment is an exercise in that theme.

First… I want you to open up my blog – – and look for the “pictures” link that’s on it. There you will find beautiful me in a set of lovely images collected on that single page. Expand the window so we can get a good look at each other.

Next… I want you to stand up and slowly strip for me, right in front of the computer so I can watch you. Take all of your clothes off… and I do mean everything. Like I said, do it slowly – you are presenting yourself to me, so no rushing, and no getting embarrassed. When you are fully naked, sit back down in front of the computer and spread your legs wide so I can see your cock clearly… that’s good.

Then… I want you to slowly start stroking your cock as you look at my pictures… can you see my eyes… I’m watching you masturbate… I’m watching you do everything I tell you to… and what a good, obedient boy I see ~grinz~.

Keep your eyes on me as you jerk that stick… this is your chance to show me what you can do with that thing. I like watching naked men masturbate for me… just for me alone… my own, private, dirty little boy.

Imagine me right there… right in front of you… watching you… walking around you… telling you how much I want to see you cum.

Stroke faster now… and let your eyes move from picture to picture… following me as I move around you… teasing you with what’s just out of your reach. Keeping going until you feel yourself close to orgasm then stop just before you’re going to cum.

Keep your eyes on me, and your hands off of yourself for 60 seconds… then I want you to focus just on my first picture and start stroking again. Keep going until you feel yourself on the verge of orgasm, then stop jerking and let go of your cock just before you cum. Keep your eyes on that same picture only, don’t look at anything else, and wait 30 seconds then move to the second picture, focusing on that one alone, and start stroking again. When you are about to cum, stop just like before… wait 30 seconds… then move to the next picture and repeat.

Keep doing this until you have brought yourself to the edge of orgasm once for each picture on that page, then click the link below for your final instructions –

For guided masturbation with Domina Amanda call 800-601-6975