Welcome to purgatory stroker boys. Today, I’ll be letting you stroke as much as you like, as hard as you like and as fast as you like. Don’t get too excited, I didn’t tell you what I wanted you to bring to your little beef beating binge, now did I? I’m sure at some time in your life you’ve squirted a bit too quickly and thankfully, there’s a solution to that. You’ll get a desensitizing gel or lotion to use as lubricant. Also, you’ll be purchasing a condom with a vibrating ring. Any pharmacy carries them and make sure when purchasing, you take your embarrassing erotic goodies to the hottest cashier you see. Look for her smirk when she realizes you’re a flash splooger. Now take home your finds and get yourself ready for the fun.

I want you naked, preferably on your knees looking up at your computer at your favorite porn or your favorite Mistress. Arousal is allowed, encouraged. Now lube up your cock with the gel. It won’t feel the same when you stroke it now, make it harder for you to harden, make it harder for you to get off. To add to your frustration, place the vibrating condom over your love nub and begin. Remember, I promised you can jerk it any way you like, make sure to hold nothing back. But when you get to the edge… stop.

Wait 3 minutes then squirt some more of your special lube into the condom and start again. Do this 5 times, edging, stopping then lubing up and starting all over again. When you’ve completed the assignment, click and see if I’m oh so mean or a merciful Mistress.

For cockteasing sessions with Ms Lauren call 800-601-6975