Hello, cock stroking grunts! Ready for another dick drill with your Princess? ::giggle:: I’m sure you think you are… even though we both know these drills are wearing your cock out, aren’t they? Well, don’t be discouraged, just remember… no pain, no gain! ::giggle:: Besides, we both know this is more pleasure than pain, isn’t it?  Oh, it’s not? ::giggle:: Well, I know you don’t always get to cum, but then, you don’t always deserve to, either. ::grin:: So what will it be today? Do you think you might see a light at the end of the tunnel? I wouldn’t get my hopes up!  Instead, get that cock out and get it lubed and ready to fall in to formation! That’s right… and today we are going to use our metronomes, so head on over to www.MetronomeOnline.com to do this drill.   Simple and sweet today, boys… although that doesn’t mean it will be easy, of course!  Today you are going to go through the entire metronome, stroking that cock.  Start at number 40 and stroke for one full minute. Stroke up on one beat, down on the next.  Then, without stopping, go through number 42 for a full minute, and continue on, stroking for one minute through each pulse, until you get to the end at 208.  After all of that, do you think you will be able to cum today? Click here to find out!

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