Well well well, stroker grunts, you’re still hanging in here, are you? Good! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a wimpy, crybaby cockstroking slut.  I’m sure you have been consoling yourself with the idea that surely things will begin to get easier with cocktease bootcamp, but of course you are sadly mistaken! Things will not get easier, they will only get more difficult and force you to go beyond the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Soon you will find you have more control over that cock than you ever thought you could. But you don’t need to focus on that just yet, that’s a long way down the road for you, grunt!

Now, for today’s drill, I hope you have plenty of lube for that cock, because you will be stroking hard and long today.  Slather that lube on your cock and grip it nice and tight in your hand.  Now, I want you to take a stopwatch (or look at the seconds hand on your clock) and stroke it nice and evenly for 3 minutes.  Now, power stroke it as fast as you can for 3 minutes.  Good.  Now repeat that sequence 5 times.  Remember, you are NOT allowed to cum, and I don’t want you stopping either! If you need to slow down a bit, then do so, but don’t stop.  Now, if you need a little more lube, now is the time to get it, because for this next set I want you stroking rhythmic, even strokes for 5 minutes.  Now power stroke it as fast as you can for 3 minutes.  My goodness, I didn’t think your eyes could get that big… but stop looking at me and start stroking!  I want you to repeat this set 5 times.  If you make it through that, then you are to repeat BOTH sequences in their entirety… and then click here to see how this drill will end!

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