Hello there, strokie.  Welcome to Goddess Dallas’ Cock Tease Boot Camp.  No, this isn’t the easy instructions you get on Tease Mafia.  Here, you need to be ready to stroke to the edge and at the edge until you’re trembling and too exhausted to contine.

Strip and get your lube.  Close your eyes.  Visualize the perfect, most fuckable woman of your dreams.  She’s there with you, stroking your body, kissing you, browing hot breath into your ears, onto your neck.  Feel her hands roving over your body—now pinching and twisting those nipples, now gently scratching around the groin with her long red fingernails.   Finally, she grasps your cock and balls and begins to stroke them, at the same time leaning over to kiss and suck the head of your cock.

She brings you to the edge, but won’t let you cum.  She keeps stroking and sucking, taking you to the edge and back away again, over and over.

You’re exhausted, trembling, begging her to let you cum.  She laughs and tells you to click the button to learn your fate.

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