Welcome to Goddess Dallas’ Cock Tease Boot Camp.  Today we’re getting rid of all the wimps and wussies—all you boys who just have to do it your way, cum fast and lose enjoyment.  Today, you’re doing it MY way!

Naked and kneeling right now, with lube close by.  Use only 1 finger.  Run it around your right nipple until it gets hard.  Then do the left.  Now, use that 1 finger on your groin.  Go slow and keep your hands off that cock and those balls.  No touching them until I tell you to.  Now, use one finger from each hand and stroke from the groin to the sides of the hips, then down the thighs.  Go Slow!  This is not a race. Then move back to the groin for more stroking.  Do this series for at least 20 minutes.

Now, stroke those fingers from the outsides of the thighs over to the insides.  Move slowly up those inner thighs.  Now, one finger strokes the balls.  Slow, love strokes.  Then the other finger begins stroking the shaft of the cock, up and down, all around it.  When the precum is pouring out, take that finger an massage the precum into the head, then resume one-finger strokes on the shaft until you’re trembling and panting.  Your thighs, arms, belly, stomach and chest should all be trembling..

You sure you’re there?  OK – click the button and find out what I tell you to do.

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