Fall out, cock stroking grunts! So, you think you can still hang in here with cocktease bootcamp? Well, you may have survived so far, but this is just the beginning, boy! Today we are going to test your dedication and willingness to go the distance, no matter what is asked of you.  Be ready to give it your all or go home!

First, you need to resign yourself to getting dirty today. That’s right, DIRTY! I want you to grab a handful of Crisco or other vegetable shortening, and slather it all over that cock. Did I stutter? Do it! That’s right… slather that cock with that gooey grease until it’s nice and slick.  Now doesn’t that feel good, boy?  Of course it does… it may be the closest you have felt to having a real pussy for a long time now, isn’t it? ::giggle::  Now, start stroking.  I want you to stroke that cock for a full 5 minutes, don’t stop and do not cum!  Very good.  Now, pump your hand up and down as fast as you can for a full 3 minutes, pump it hard and pump it good! I want to hear you moaning like a little bitch while you stroke it!  Do not cum, or else!!  If you get too close, then slow down a little but do NOT cum and do NOT stop!  Now, repeat your 5 minute stroke session and then another 3 minute power stroke session.  Repeat them 5 full times.  I said five times, grunt!!  Your legs will probably be trembling by the time you are done, and there will be gobs of precum oozing out of that cock… but what will Drill Sargeant Princess Heather have you do today when you’re finished with this drill? Click here to find out!

Cocktease sessions with Ms Heather 800-601-6975

Must Be 18+ To Call

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Billed to a major credit card