Well, what do we have here stroker slave?  It seems that your cock has gotten all warmed up thinking about Mistress Marlena teasing you mercilessly.  But there will be no sensual sweet teasing today.  I’m in the mood to torture My property.  That’s why we are going to make a cocksicle to cool you down for a cold, wet, humiliating stroke session.  Take a condom and unroll it just a little so that the reservoir tip is fully accessible.  Then fill the tip of it with water and put it in the freezer until it forms a hard cube at the end of the condom.  you can do lots of teasing worship strokes to warm up that cock for Me while the ice is hardening.  Take your cocksicle from the freezer and squirt a good portion of lube on top of the ice.  Then roll the condom onto that desperate cock.  Stroke long and hard, feeling the ice melting all over your sensitive head.  After you have edged yourself three times, blow that hot load of cum into the condom.  But I’m not done with you yet stroker, this is about pleasing Me…not about the privilege of that orgasm.  Take the condom and squish it around on the outside with your fingers, mixing the water, lube, and cum into a soupy mess.  Then lay down on your back and drool the mess all over your pathetic face.  Once you are finished, leave your face all sloppy and click the link below to hear just how much your obedience pleased your Mistress…

Cockteasing sessions with Ms Marlena 800-601-6975

Must Be 18+ To Call

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Billed to a major credit card