I’m in the mood to torment your cock. I woke up today feeling that way. Restless . . . on edge . . . needing to tease and tantalize.

How long have you been stroking today? Hours? Minutes? I know you have been, because that’s how you are. You don’t share this with just anyone, but you are addicted to stroking your cock. Sometimes you think there might be something wrong with you . . . that maybe you even like this more than fucking. Or maybe you should try to stop. But why? It doesn’t always have to be the same thing over and over again, you know. No more stroke-stroke-hard-fast-explode routine. Let’s make it more fun, shall we?

Stroking can be exquisite pain and pleasure all at once. I’m not talking about whacking your cock with a wooden spoon, although there are those who enjoy that kind of pain, and that’s fine. But in this case, I mean the mind-blowing, body-shuddering WONDERFUL pain of holding off. Coming ohhhh so close and then pulling back.

Can’t do it? Oh, sure you can. Let me help you.

Get some lube (I strongly recommend this, even if you don’t usually use it), and stroke your cock on your own for a while. Get it hard. Look at my picture, relive your favorite fantasy . . . whatever it takes. Get it nice and hard . . . get close to cumming, even . . . then listen.

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