Today is the day that no lube required will be put into practice. You simply wont need it. What you will need to do is go on a bit of a scavenger hunt. I want you to go into your wife/girlfriends panty drawer and pick out the silkiest panties you can find. For those of you who are “hamper skunks” you may dive into the clothes hamper and find some nicely scented panties.

If you have located the scented variety I want you to begin breathing in her scent. Drives you crazy doesn’t it? Now stick out your tongue and begin to lick them! You are a dirty boy arn’t you? Ah yes but this will definitely keep you hot and motivated which is just the way I like my jackerboys to be.

Now wrap those panties around your already dripping cock. Feel the texture and how good it really feels to do something so naughty. I want you to continue rubbing that cock with enthusiasm for 3 minutes. Just go for it baby and see how many times you can get right to the edge without releasing. Next I want you to run them up the crack of your ass. If you have a toy you may prepare it for entry now. Bring it right up to that pussy ass and begin penetration.

Get your hand and panties back around that cock and stroke until you think you can take it no more! I want you to exhaust yourself today baby, work up a sweat and make that cock angry! When you get to that point you may click button below to see just where I stand!

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