Today, my dear strokers, is a lazy day.  It is a day filled with stroking slow and easy ..  three times today.

Once, before you get out of bed. Softly, gently, as you try to recapture the dream that left you feeling so foggy and sexy. Easy now, nice long pulls while you bring up a picture of your Mistress standing at the foot of your bed, watching you.

No no precious, there will be no morning nut. Shoo .. get movin’ and remember to follow the afternoon instructions.

Lunch Break.

Slip away to the men’s room or supply closet, and stroke.  Just unzip your pants and pull it out through the fly – you won’t have much time. Fast strokes this time, picturing your Mistress just outside the door, listenting to you grunt, trying to get to the edge, and not fall over.

Are you aching to cum? Tough, get back to work! Your evening tasks await you.

As soon as you walk in the door.

Drop your pants to the floor and hobble over to the computer.  Log onto Tease Mafia and look at the little banner.  Yes, I know you have been hard since you clocked out. Breaking the speed limit, letting your cock drive you  Go on ..  pull that prick .. I doubt it will be long before you push the button to find out if THIS time you will be allowed to blow that load.

Still Stroking?

Getting all Juicy, like Miss Viv demands?

So close ..

Push the button, mister man.

Guided Masturbation

For guided masturbation sessions with Ms. Vivian call 800-601-9875