Hi there boys!

I want you to touch yourself today slowly, sensuously. If you’re not naked already, strip down slowy, as if you were performing. Imagine excited women cheering you on as you strip down bare. Now touch yourself. Take your fingertips and gently tease your nipples. Feel them harden as you continue to circle them. Now pinch them gently, now harder and feel your cock throb. I haven’t forgotten your cock, don’t worry. Just relax and enjoy the sensations building inside you.

Now move your hands slowly down your belly, inching toward your pulsing cock. I know you’ve been a good boy and haven’t touched it yet. Now, I’m letting you. Take your throbbing member into your hand and squeeze it at the base. Feel every vein standing out, aching for stimulation. Do you need it? Of course you do! So stroke, ever so slowly, stroke. Count out 20 long, slow, smooth strokes that never waver in their rhythm. At the end of the twentieth stroke, rub your thumb over the tip to collect the precum oozing out.

Now I want twenty more, but this time at a medium pace. You may have to stop midway through and that’s ok. I know by then you’ll be edging a bit, aching for release. When those twenty are finished, cup your balls. Feel how deliciously full they are, how close they are to orgasm? That will make this instruction especiallly hard, giggle. I want you to give me 30 strokes this time, fast ones. But don’t you dare cum… at the end of your strokes you may click the link to hear if you’ve convinced me you’ve earned it!

For guided masturbation instructions with Ms. Lauren call 800-601-6975