Fall-out, grunts! So you think you’re man enough for Cocktease Bootcamp? Well, I don’t think you are, but then I suppose this is a perfect opportunity for you to prove yourself, now, isn’t it? If you are a little wimp wuss who hasn’t even begun to train that cock, learned to sustain an erection or hold back an orgasm, then you will not make it through Bootcamp and you need to start off with some cock control sessions with one of our Mistresses, and easier assignments at StrokeForMe.com.  Because Drill Sargeant Princess Heather does not cater to flacid-dicked, pre-ejaculatory maggots here at Cocktease Bootcamp! You WILL control that cock!

Now, let’s get started with today’s drill. Take out that cock. I’m sure it’s already starting to get hard, but I don’t settle for anything less than EVERYTHING, so I want it hard as a rock, ready for inspection!  Begin stroking that cock single-time, up and down, and twist that shaft while you stroke it. You will stroke nice and steady for 5 minutes.  Then, I want you stroking double-time! Stroke it faster, twist it harder, for 5 more minutes. Power pump it!  Don’t you dare stop, and don’t you DARE cum! If you get to close to the edge, then slow down, but do not stop! This is not for the faint-hearted, so if you can’t handle it then go back to your playpen! Now, lube up that cock… you can use olive oil, KY Jelly, vegetable shortening, whatever kind of lube you want, but I want that cock slick and oiled up.  Stroke that cock for 10 minutes single-time, nice and steady.  Now, give me another 5 minutes of double-time power stroking. What’s that? Did I hear a GROAN?  You want to be a crybaby mama’s boy about it? Good! Then make it 10 minutes! That’s right, 10 minutes of double-time cock stroking!  Oooh, look at that face… is the little boy having trouble holding back? You probably thought this would be easy, didn’t you, grunt.  Thought you had total control over that cock, piece of cake! Well, bootcamp is not meant to be a cake walk, stroker boy! Click below to see what your last part of this drill is for today…. IF you make it through this one, that is….

For cockteasing sessions with Ms Heather call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum