This is your Mistress Sarah.  I am looking forward to bringing you a very demanding cock teasing exercise today.  For this endevour you will need to go out and buy a make up brush unless you already have access to one of course.

Do you have your make up brush now?  Good then let us begin.

Take that make up brush and tickle your cock slowly with the brush up and down.  You are not allowed to stroke at all.  Tickle your cock for at least 30 minutes.  Teasing it with your strokes up and down.

Now that you tickled that cock of yours for 30 minutes then you have earned the chance to stroke slowly for only 5 minutes.  I do not want you to use any lube though.  There will only be some dry stroking allowed for this 5 minutes.

Next, you will tease your cock for the last 25 minutes with the make up brush.  You are only allowed to touch your cock with that brush. Tease it up and down like a good boy toy.

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