Well, well, well, grunts. I see you are just a little tougher than I may have given you credit for. But don’t get too smug about it, because Bootcamp has just begun… you still have a LONG way to go before you complete your training.  And believe me, your training hasn’t even hit the hard part yet.  This has just been a warm-up compared to where you will be going, so you had better have complete commitment to your training if you have any hopes of making it through.

Today, we’re going to go through some cock stroking sprints.  These will be grueling and difficult, but an essential part of your training. First, get that lube out and oil up my cock.  Lube is important during Bootcamp training sessions, because we will be working those cocks very hard, and the last thing you want is a sore, tender cock from dry-rubbing. Now, do you have that cock lubed up and ready to stroke? Good!  You will also need to log on to your computer and go to www.MetronomeOnline.com to complete this assignment. The metronome keeps time, and this is how you are going to stroke my cock today.  We will use the metronome often during your Bootcamp training, so get to know it well, you will think of it as your best friend by the end of your training.  Click the metronome on 69 to start with… that’s an excellent number, don’t you think? ::giggle::  Now stroke that cock in timee with the beat for a full 3 minutes.  That’s right, up, up, up, down, up… keep in time with that cadence. Now turn the metronome up to 92 and stroke it for a full 3 minutes.  Do NOT cum! If you get too close to the edge, then ease up your grip on my cock and stroke it more lightly, but do not stop and do not cum. Turn the metronome up to 100 and stroke for 3 minutes.  Come on, grunt, don’t be a pansy ass! Now turn it up to 104 and stroke for 4 minutes.  Yes, 4 minutes, get going! That was close, grunt, but you’re not done yet. Turn the metronome up to 115 and stroke for 4 minutes.  I told you this would be grueling! Now turn the metronome up to 132 and stroke for 3 minutes.  Are you getting a little stroke-fatigued? GOOD! That’s the way I like my boys.  Now turn the metronome up to 152 and stroke for 3 minutes.  If you make it through that, then click here for the final instructions for this drill!

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