I think we need a little game. Get out a deck of cards and take out all the cards in one suit. Hmmm Diamonds is my favorite suit. LOL Now shuffle them and place them in a stack. Get your lube and a clock with a second hand or stop watch. I want you to place some hot porn up on the computer and I want you to look at it wile you follow my instructions. Now this can be easy, or it can be hard, it is all in the luck of the cards 🙂

1) You have cards 1-10 and they will symbolize the amount of minutes you will stroke.

2) You have Jack, Queen and King, these will be your Wild Cards, you get to pick how many minutes you want them to be, depending on how you feel and how you need to stroke at the time you flip one up.

You will go at a Fast, Med and slow pace. First card is fast, second card is med and third card is slow, forth card fast, fifth card med, sixth card slow, last card, the severth is FAST.

Lube up your cock, flip over the first card, see the number, if wild choose a number to stroke for that amount of minutes, if numbered stroke for that amount of minutes, fast as you stroke fast for your first card.. Continue to stroke, if you get close then stop for 30 seconds, then continue to finish, do this with the top seven cards, following the numbers and the speed until you have done the first top seven cards. Keep that cock lubed up.

Now are you ready to see if you get to cum? Oh I am sure that cock is ready to explode! Click below to see if you get to cum or if you have to wait!

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