Guided MasturbationHmmmm my little wanker boys, did you come ready to stroke those cocks for me? Good, I hope you brought a LOT of lube today and cleared your schedule, because today is going to be quite a workout for that cock!

Get it good and lubed up, and then start stroking it in my favorite rhythm… as you stroke it up, twist your hand to the left, and then as you stroke it down, twist it to the right.  Very good… now, I want you to stroke it at a steady pace for me for 3 minutes. No cheating! If you get close, slow down but don’t stop, and DON’T cum!

Did you make it through that? Good, now I want you to do a full minute of power stroking… pump that hand up and down your shaft at full speed for a full minute, but don’t you dare cum! I want to see precum gushing out of the top of that cock when you are done!

Very good, stroker boy! Now it’s going to get a little tougher.  This time, stroke it in my favorite rhythm, but now you are going to stroke for a full TEN minutes. That’s right, TEN! Don’t you dare cum! You can slow down if you get close but do not stop… I want you riding that edge. Don’t sit there, do it boy!

So you made it through that? Excellent… I wasn’t sure you had it in you! ::giggle::  Now I want a full 2 minutes of power stroking. Don’t groan, just stroke!

Mmmmm no, you’re not done yet my chronic cock stroker!  You are to repeat the ten minute rhythm stroking AND the two minute power stroking sets 4 more times. YES! Do it… and when you are just about done on your fourth power stroke set….

Guided Masturbation

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