Hello boys! I am going to tell you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock today. So, listen up… Lube up your cock and balls for me. I want you to take your left hand and gently start to massage your balls. Then take your right hand, and with your fingertips twist them around the head. You should be massaging and twisting, do this for 2 minutes.

Then take your left hand and grip the shaft, not touching the head just yet. Then take your right hand and massage the head with the palm of your hand. You should do this for another 2 minutes.

Grip your cock with your right hand very lightly and take 10 fast, light strokes. Then grip it a little tighter, and take 5 hard fast strokes. Now, take those hands completely off your cock. You must have patience, my stroker. You may be a little frustrated now, but trust me, this will make you stay hard for me longer. Keep your hands off your cock for exactly 2 minutes.

After those 2 minutes are up, take both your hands and clasp them together, placing your fingers together. Grip them around your cock, and this time you may do it until you reach the edge. As soon, as you feel like you are about to explode, click on the button below.

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