Alright strokers, are you ready for another excruciatingly, exhilaratingly, exciting game of how long can you stroke?  Well, I hope you’re completely disrobed and you’ve got a good supply of lubricant handy.  Well then, first of all, take that container of lubricant and squirt just a bit into your free hand.  Now, I want you to slather it onto that most likely flaccid cock of yours.  Slowly, slide your tightly gripped hand all the way from the bottom of the shaft to the very tip of the head at a moderate pace until that cock is completely swollen and ready to play the game.

Very good.  Now, I want you to bring yourself to a very quick edge, taking your hand away of course when you feel that impending release.  Nice!  Now, I want your to stroke for 5 solid minutes; not stopping, pulling that hand away every time you feel like that cock is about to explode.  And then at the end of those 5 minutes, I want you to let that cock go completely flaccid.  Close your eyes and feel it throb as it wanes, and wanes, and wanes.

Guess what my little stroker?  It’s time for you to bring that prick to full attention once again.  This time, I think we’ll double the number and make you stroke for a solid 10 minutes without stopping!!  Be forewarned, that if you come within that 10 minutes you will suffer from my very impatient hand!

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of your 10 minutes.  Why don’t click on the marquee below and discover what your fate is.

Guided Masturbation

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