Guided MasturbationFirst of all my little stroker slave, get onto your knees. Doesn’t this position seem appropriate in my presence? Yes, I thought so. Now, after lubing up both of your hands sufficiently I want you to wrap them both firmly around the shaft of your cock. You have just created a tight, warm little hand pussy for that insatiable cock that now belongs to me. Now, begin to slowly rock your hips back and forth just as you do when you’ve got a sweet little piece of ass bent over in front of you. Very nice. Now, progressively fuck faster and faster until you have brought yourself to the first edge. Take that hand away! I have not given you permission to cum yet. Once the throbbing has subsided
I want you to resume the motion, being very careful to heighten the speed and race toward your goal of edging with a fury. Edge yourself once again. Now pull your hand away and marvel at how very tight those achy balls are becoming. Poor you…filled with anticipation and frustration. Once again, fuck that little hand pussy of yours and bring yourself to yet another edge. Aaaawe, to be quite honest with you it almost brings about a sense of pity in me to see you down there on your knees, jerking away with no knowlege of a definite outcome. Hhhhhhmmmm. What shall I do with you?

Guided Masturbation