You are in for it big time baby! I am dressed to tease and make that dick push right out of those briefs! Picture this, I am walking towards you dressed in navy blue silk panties, stockings with matching garter, my peek_a_boo bra that is warn halter style and high heels.

I see that dick has definitely made it’s way way from those constricting shorts and has found it’s way into your hands! Excellent now let me pour that lube allover that “hot cock” so you can rub it in really good! You missed a spot, let me get it for you! Now isn’t that better?

I love hearing your breathing pattern quicken so I am going to really give you something to stroke to! Hey stroker boy watch this, I immediately go down into a side split right onto the floor (could you imagine if this was your face) and bounce in that position for a moment.

I know I know you almost lost it right there didn’t you? Well I would like you to click the button below now to find out what I have to say about that!

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