Guided MasturbationOh baby, I know you have been such a good boy.  Following all the instructions of the other girls, getting that cock all hard and throbbing and wanting to cum so badly and now you have to do what I say, poor darling ~giggle~

I am going to make this so simple for you!  That’s right, very, very simple! Take the palm of your hand and start to press though your pants and rub up and down front of your pants, where your cock is Just imagine me sitting on your lap, pressing my ass against you and moving it in a circle, slowly but firmly, get nice and hard for me, very, very hard for me.  I want you to make a nice wet spot in your pants, but no cumming.

Now undress, and get the lube.  Start stroking nice and slow, easing your hand up and down the full length of your cock, bringing your hand over the head then back down again.  Easy now, do it for 5 minutes, thy to go without edging, nice and slow.  Stop, wait two minutes, then start stroking at a fast pace.  Move up and down the shaft but do not cum but edge 5 times for me, stopping, waiting 2 minutes between edges then starting again.  Once you get your 5 edges in, click below to see if you are able to cum or not!

Guided Masturbation

Stroke Princess,
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