My goodness, would you look at that cock, already so hard and stiff for me? I can see that it has been a while since you stroked it for me, my pet. So let me see how well you’ve perfected your masturbatory skills since I last played with you. Hmmmm… I know you can do much better than that! Take that shaft in your hand, nice and firm… yes, just like that. Now, stroke it for me, up and down, twisting that hand around the shaft nice and hard… left on the up stroke, right on the down stroke… mmmmmmm very nice! Now let me see you grab those balls as you stroke that cock for me… hold them in your hand nice and firm, massaging them up into your pelvis. Doesn’t that feel nice? Oh I can see you are enjoying this… look at that glistening drop of precum oozing out of the slit in the top of that cock! Hmmmm my little stroker boy, can you hold control as I lean down to lick that off? If you can hold out as I slide my pink tongue over the head of that cock…..

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