Missed me I hope…that’s because mostly I tease and of course deny deny deny. What will it be today then…will I let you come or not. Get to work, first of all I want you to get a condom and start stroking with alot of lube. Put the condom on and stroke more. Pour lube inside of it when needed. You know the strokes I like, twisting and barberpolling, base held and head polished…stroke stroke stroke. nice, sweet and roll it in your hand now like your starting a fire…nice!
Take the condom off and give me 10 edges looking into your mirror. I want each edge first 10 min apart, then 9 , then 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 min apart. Finally on the last edge you should be pretty much spent and hoping to high heaven I will let you cum. Keep on stroking to the vary last second and…………………..

Guided Masturbation

Mistress Cassandra