For today’s assignment, we are really going to be testing your sense of will power….in some pretty interesting and challenging ways, I might add. You’re going to need a private place for a few hours to do this task as well as some items listed below. Please note, you do not need to have every item in the list; its not so much of how many toys you have access to as it is the way you use these toys for me.

clothespins= 1 point per pin, worn for minimum of 10 minutes
gag (can be a scarf, panties, your underpants, anything made of cloth)= 2 points
blindfold= 2 points
ball gag= 3 points
dildo used as a gag= 5 points
butt plug= 5 points; and 1 additional point for every 10 minutes worn
ability to remain still while performing this entire taskfor a minimum of 15 minutes= 10 points

Firstly, before you even set out to work on this assignment for me, you are to spend at least two hours naked and refraining from touching your cock or balls.

Then what I want you to do is gather the items you have available from my list above and get on your knees and face a corner. Apply the implements as you are able and remain on your knees, as still as possible for 15 minutes minimum. No stroking, no edging, no rubbing….your cock and balls don’t exist at all for these 15 minutes.

Then when the 15 minutes have elapsed, you are to add up your points. Click below to learn what you will do next.

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