I love being a prick tease and making your cock rigid and throbbing. Its a basic instinct and also alot of fun to do from a sexy womans point of view! We really do hold all the power when it comes and (cums) to that dick between your legs. So with all that being said why not grab your lube and get that member in hand.

Today I am dressed super sexy in a pair of black lace panties with matching push up bra (just close your eyes and envision me) My C cups are pushed to the limit almost to the point of tumbling right out (not such a bad thing when you think about it:) Legs are clad in soft, silk, stockings (midnight black) and my heels are 5″ in height and I do wear them well.

I place my hands on my hips and start to sachet across the room.I look directly into your eyes and question, ready for a little hand to hand combat stroker boy? Well lets get to it then! I want you to put both hands on that cock and work them in unison. I want you drippy baby, so really put on a show for me.

I climb onto the bed next to you and thrust my panties towards your face just to give you an added incentive. How is that for motivation? Breath me in beater boy! I know you love the scent of my moistened panties. With that you start beating your cock feverishly and I giggle because I know you are ever so close and wanting to deliver that load for your Goddess Ashley!

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