Hey Strokers!

I bet that cock is nice and hard isn’t? Mmmmmm good, I am so glad. First I want you to get a couple of things. A shoe string and lube! If you have a nice tight cock ring. First get the cock ring on if you have it, bring it to the place it to the base nice and tight and leave it there, I am sure that cock is starting to get nice and hard for me now.

Next, make a slip knot. Place it over your balls, pull tight on the loop so that the slip not is at the base of your balls nice and tight. Seperate them with the left over string, wrapping it down the center and keeping your balls apart.

Now I want hard, fast stroking sessions. 5 of them at 5 minutes a piece, stopping and resting two mins between. Lube that cock, edge, stop if you get close but remember DO NOT CUM! Once you have finished your stroking schdule and you are ready to see if you can cum, press the button below!


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