Hello my fortunate wankers, today’s Stroking Instructions are brought to you by your juice lovin’ Birthday Girl, Miss Viv. Some of you may have missed my special day and you should mark it for 2009- that would be, January 20th.

I like the gifts, the cake and all the other perks that go along with making it through another year, but above all else, I LOVE when folks sing Happy Birthday to Me!

I know you all are so sad to have missed out on all the fun, so I’m gona let my twisted little stroker boys learn the game I play to mark the occasion, here at the Casa de Kinky, called the Sing & Stroke.

Grab That Meat in your hand. NO! NO! No Stroking. Yet
Now start warbling Happy Birthday to your Miss Vivian.

You remember the words, don’t you?

Go on take a practice run.


Now you just sing that over and over and over, stroking it to the beat. The faster you stroke, the faster you sing. Ready! Set Go!
Oh my, how cute!
Are you singing with gusto?
Sing it again stroker!
And again!
Watch those high notes.
Are you aching to spew?
Forgetting the words, are you?
Come on slut, again, and with FEELING.
So close!

Will Miss Viv give you cake, and let you eat it too?

Click the link to see!

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