Hello stroker boys, are you ready to stroke for me? Get your lube and take off All of your clothes. Once you have your clothes removed sit down in a chair and get ready to rumble! I want you to begin by stroking only the shaft for 10 minutes. Nice and slow, easy does it. If you get close during the 10 minute duration, STOP! Then begin your time at where you stopped. I want you to do a full 10 minutes. After you have done the 10 minutes, put some lube on the tip of your index finger and run it all around the head of your cock. Rub it around, just like the way you like to feel a tongue running over your cock. Now I want you to begin stroking the entire length of your cock. Up and down, and all around the head. Stroke at a medium pace for a total of 8 minutes. Your so nice and hard, and do I sense that your breathing is shallow? When you finish your 8 minutes of stroking, stop and put lube in your hand. Begin stroking fast for the next 3 minutes. C’mon stroke harder and faster. When you reach the 3 minute marker, click and find out your fate!

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