So, are you a breast man?  Do you enjoy jerking off your cock thinking of beautiful women with fantastic tits, surrounding you and letting you rub that cock of yours all over them, between them or around them?  Maybe you are a leg man, your fantasies take you on a journey as your eyes travel over a forest of lovely, silky, shapely legs., or are you more into kneeling at the feet of a beautiful woman, her toes gently stroking you, as her other foot finds its way to your mouth or maybe your into my favorite, a nice firm ass to worship, to have straddling you, grinding on your face or you just kneeling, kissing that beautiful ass you so desire and worship.  What ever you enjoy, you will love this assignment!

Get to your computer or grab your favorite stack of girly magazines.  I want you to find the ladies that turn you on the most, the ones that really get you going, that have that perfect body part that you just keep fantasizing about, the one that invades your thoughts each time your start to masturbate. Get lubed up if you use lube or not and let’s get going!

Relax.  I want you take your cloths off, NO don’t just pull your cock out, STRIP! Lube up and I want you to go to that special place in your mind that you go when you are stroking and thinking of your fantasy girl.  Move your hand over your cock, feel her doing so, feel her starting to stroke slow, see her between your legs, cupping your cock, your balls, her fingers bringing you closer and closer to that wonderful feeling that only she can bring. Hear her moan as she gets more turned on by the fax that she is turning you on, that you are growing, throbbing in her hand.  Feel her breath; her heavy breathing so close you can feel it on your cock. Stroke faster, Mmmmmm   Look at her, you know you want to please her, you want her begging and pleading for more. Feel her, smell her, taste her……

Now stroke, faster, feel the build, get there, get to that point where you know you can’t hold out much longer………You want to cum, you want to finish with her…… Satisfy her! …..but first…… let’s hear the ending of your fantasy!  Do you want to cum?     Click Below stud man!

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