I caught you!

I saw you when I was walking up to the door, you were sitting there masturbating before I came in, don’t try to hide it now.

Pull out that cock and get it lubed up for Me, I want you to stroke for me just as I tell you to. Now that it is nice and wet start with a few short slow strokes, down the shaft then back up.. take your time you know it feels so very good. Squeeze it for Me, nice and hard, holding onto it just below the head making your fist nice and tight.
Now start stroking a little faster, jabbing that cock deep into your hand while you squeeze it so tightly.

Now I want you to hold it with one hand and take your other hand, palm flat and just lightly place your palm on the head of your cock.  Very slowly I want you to make small circles with the head of that cock into the palm of your hand while squeezing it with the other.

Feels good doesn’t it!

I want you to start stroking your cock while making a fist with the other hand over the head, start making only upward strokes into that fist all the while squeezing that head. When you start to get close I want you to stop stroking and count to 20.. let it ease up some before you start pounding that cock as hard as you can. Once you are on the edge again click to hear your fate..

As always,