Yes it’s been awhile since I stepped in and teased the hell out of that cock of yours. Let’s now tease, and if you’re good, please that cock, hmmmmmm?
Get that lube ready, take all of those clothes off , and get that cock in hand. You have a nice cock too , sweet boy with the big cum filled balls. Let me fondle those balls as you stroke softly. My long fingernails are grazing and tickling those balls. How long has it been since you have cum, horny stroker boy? If you’re good and last a few hours, I may just give you a hot lingerie show. Now stroke faster as I get my long strand of pearls , encircling that stiffie. That lube really adds to the slipperiness of these pearls, now squeeze, squeeze harder, and stop. Oh grueling wasn’t it now…now again, stroke very slow, twist the hand around and relax again. Now give me those pearls…mmmm…wet they are. I’m putting them around my neck and Im going to rub them into my skin. Now stroke that cock and twist like a barber pole…twist it , slowly and pace faster……ohhhh want to cum my cock stroking hard and horny boy?

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