What’s on my menu for today stroker? I feel in the mood for your balls! Cup your balls in the palms of your hand. Now press, your palms together, feeling that warm sac between your hands. Is it nice and full for me? That’s good, but I want them bigger. Slide your hands underneath your balls, and stroke those balls. Be nice and gentle with them, caressing them. I want your hands to feel the pressure of all that cum building up in your sac. Close your eyes and feel your cock stiffen.

Press on those balls! Release them! Do they spring back, hot and bouncy for me? Slide your hands back up, to the top of your balls. Stroke those balls some more. Do you feel like bursting? Well then grab your lube, and let it drip, drip, drip; from the top of your cock all the way down to those plump ball sacs. Okay, touch your balls again. Rubbing them until they are completely engorged with creamy spunk.

Now, you may touch that cock. Place your hands on that throbbing hammer, and pound away with your hands. Taking quick, firm, short strokes. Going from the tip to the middle of that shaft. Pay attention to your clock! I want you to stroke this way for 9 minutes. Then press the button………

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