Hello my strokers, I see you’re back for another session. This time I want to get you very wet and a whole lot messier for me. So get out your industrial bottle of lubrication and start soaking that cock with it. Rub that lube all the way down your shaft, underneath your balls, and in between the ball sac.

Doesn’t that wetness make your pole get harder? Now with a steady controlled hand, give me a couple of long strokes, starting underneath your balls and ending at your cock’s tip. Close your eyes, and give me five more long strokes from balls to cock. Now glide your hand to the middle of your balls, and squeeze them. Imagine the big stream of juice that you will shoot up to your ceiling for me! Let those balls go! Tender little things aren’t they?

Now, put one of your hands flat on the tip of your cock, make a C with your hand, and go up and down on that tip. I want 10 of these cock head suction cups strokes. Now go back to long stroking, starting underneath your balls to the tip of your cock, for 5 strokes. I want you to alternate between 10 quick suction cups on the tip of your cock, and 5 long strokes from balls to tip. Keep going for 15 minutes, then………………

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