Greetings to all of my cock slaves.  This is your Masturbatrix Sarah bringing you your Guided Masturbation instructions for today.  You will need lotion or lubrication for this technique.

Put that lubricant on both hands and rub them together.  Flatten the palms of your hands like two book ends.  Stroke your cock with just the flat of your palms up and down slowly just like this.  Your hands should be flat like boards on either side.  Good boy!  Keep stroking just like this for 20 minutes.

Keep putting more lube on your hands as you need it.

For your second stroking technique is very similar to the last.  How ever this time have your hands placed horizontally.  Your cock is in between a sandwich now and your hands make the bread.  Make sure those hands are flat like a board though.  Do the sandwich stroke for another 20 minutes.

Did you last that long without cumming?  Good boy!  Listen to your fate if you dare.

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