Does this sound familiar? Your cock is in your hand; you stroke at the pace of a galloping race horse. The landscape is familiar, a barrage of images you’ve put together and play on high speed in your mind – images of flesh, penetrating. It is the familiar ending of a story you’ve read a couple times a week (for some of you a few times a day) since you were a teen. You know your touch, familiar like a song – elementary like the alphabet. What a bore! – but then, isn’t that what I’m for?

Let’s try something new – a rebirth into a braver world. Stand up, tie that cock and balls up like a holiday turkey. Wrap tightly the base of your balls and anxious penis. I want you standing so I have your full attention. Get lube in that palm, start from the bottom – slide it slowly up the shaft as though you are trying to paint it – an even coat. I want it to glisten for me like a shiny new toy. Ahh, I see how the veins begin to pop out and strain. But I need you more tense. Let me hear you pop those balls. Smack um! The third times the charm! ONE, TWO, THREE. Now hit your knees and stick your tongue all the way out of your mouth. I want to assess if its right for me. I’ll grab it with tongs, pull it out a bit; not just any tongue gets to touch my clit. Flick it in the air while you stroke. How good can you multi-task? Ten strokes while licking the air and wishing it were my sweet lips. Keep that tongue out so I can test its strength. I’ll suck it and fight with it in my mouth.

I’ve dipped a vibrator in peppermint oil just for this occasion. Fall on your back with your legs in the air; find that tight hole and search for the sweet spot. Five fast thrusts into that virgin ass! Did I say you could take it out?! Keep that buzzing shaft in there, and I expect you to hold it tight! Get your legs down so I can test your hardness. I’ll straddle your hips and sway above your cock head, rubbing my swollen clit on the tip. I bet you want inside, hmmmm? You want me to have a seat? You’d like me to hold you? Ohh, maybe I’ll go down an inch or two..just to give you a taste. You feel the warmth, the tight, the wet? Good, cause that’s all you get.

For guided masturbation instructions with Ms Dana call 800-356-6169