Alright; lie back, get comfortable and allow your mind to travel back to those hormonally and often times, woeful days of lusty teenage angst.  Now, unbutton and unzip your pants to free that ever-swelling cock.  Grab your lube and slather that baby up, holding fast to the memories of all those sweet, young girls in your senior year classes that purposely flaunted their taut young bodies and mad you fully aware of the fact that you didn’t have a ghost of a chance with them.

Every man has a story to tell about that certain girl in school that they couldn’t help but stare at incessantly and covet on a regular basis.  What an unforgettable embarrassment it was when your eighteen year old cock stiffened at the mere drop of a hat right at the moment that your pencil lead broke and you were forced to walk nervously to the sharpener at the front of the classroom; terrified that someone might see your throbbing boner.  Most importantly, would SHE see what she has done to you?

I hope you are still stroking, nostalgia boy!  Now think about that perfect girl at cheerleading practice when she would kick up her leg during a routine and reveal the sweet crotch of her bloomers.  Also, do you remember the many times that she purposely dropped her books in the hallway and insisted on picking them up herself even after you so generously offered to assist her, giving you a slight glimpse of those white cotton panties she wore beneath that sexy mini denim skirt?

Alright, with those thoughts deeply embedded in your mind, stroke your aching cock for 15 solid minutes, of course pulling your hand away when a premature explosion threatens.  Well, it seems as though your time is up.  Let’s see what your senior year crush has to say about wether you can fire your weapon or not…

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