Whats the matter, feeling the need to rub one off? How long has it been? Months, days, hours, which is it? Ok you may proceed to give that bad boy a little air. Its ok if he wants to come out and play. What are you using for lube today? Hopefully something slippery as hell !! Just picture me standing in front of you. Does that make you want to abuse youself?

Do it for me baby, you know I like to watch. Amuse me with your own unique style. Whats that, you need a little guidance? Ok I can help with that too! First make sure both hands are slick. Now squeeze that head nice and hard. Cup one hand over top the head, use the other to drive that cock into the palm. Pure pleasure isn’t it? You are such a wanker!

I want you to use that technique for aproximately 5 minutes. Than you may switch hand positions. This is a must so we can build up both wrists evenly, lol. Now give that dick a little slap. Forehand and backhand. Nicely done beater boy!

Whats that you are getting close? Already? Whats up with that? Discipline is key, I want you to begin edging now. Continuously for another 5 minutes. Will I let you come? Click now to get your answer.


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