Awww, my little stroker! Why are you sitting way across the room? Ms Alexis likes it up close and very personal. Bring that hard shaft to me for an inspection. Ooohhh, I see it’s already standing at attention and dripping for me. Let’s see what we can do about that.

I prepared my bed just for you to stroke in it. Can you feel that it’s still warm from my delicious body? That’s right lay your head back on my pillows. Now, run your hands down your chest to your stomach, to the bottom of that stiff joystick of yours. Grab the base with a firm hand, and slide it up the way up to that brimming head. Feel the cum droplets, running over your fingertips. Squeeze the head tightly, and give it a small, tiny, little twist.

You’re still too far away from me! I’m just going to climb up on your legs, and slide up to   your thighs. Yes, that’s a much better view. Don’t stop stroking! It gets me really excited to see you taking those deep, long strokes up and down your cock. Uh-oh, I think my panties are getting moist. Can you feel my wet panties on your thighs, while you caress your cock? I want you to feel my hot juices sprinkling all over your balls. If I wiggle a little closer, we won’t need any lubrication. No, there’s no touching allowed.

How should I tease you next?

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